Meet Robert – Our Operations/Mfg. Leader!

Robert started with Trimco on October 1, 2014. He was brought on board by Jason Bennett as a Supply Chain Manager and also held the title of Global Support Service Manager. His favorite position is the current one which is Operations/Mfg. Leader, because he is passionate about people and processes.

One of the biggest challenges that stood out to Robert when he first arrived to Trimco was that the systems and processes were old and outdated, things were not being documented as they are now. Another memorable challenge was the massive move from Los Angeles to Oceanside, CA and training a new crew.

Robert’s favorite memory is when Trimco started working truly as a team to modernize the data and extract useful information to help guide business decisions. One of his favorite accomplishments was creating and crafting a strategy for MOM (Method of Manufacture) as it relates to engineering and formally documenting the process.

One of his favorite mottos is to treat everyone equally and with the same respect, from the janitor to the CEO. It’s all about customer service and communication, internal and external.

We asked Robert what is some good advice that he would have for folks at Trimco who want to learn and grow. His reply was, “Learn, Listen, Do. Don’t be afraid to get it wrong.”

We asked Robert, “How do you live the T?” He replied: “Apply everything you do to those key attributes. Before you make a decision, ask yourself, “Did I use RESPECT?, Did I DO THE RIGHT THING?, etc…”

Robert thinks people would be surprised to know that his best friend happens to be his dog, Nacho. (I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying…)

Who doesn’t like a good Dad joke? You can catch Robert using his favorite one on Fridays, “Fri-nally it’s Friday!”


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