Meet Beto! – Our Supply Chain Manager!

Since Beto started working at Trimco in 2012, he has held multiple positions in different departments including Assembly, Customer Service, Shipping, and Operations, before arriving to his favorite and most recent position. “I like getting to interact with people and my coworkers in multiple departments and not being stuck at my desk all day. Everyone has a different personality, so learning to work with each person leads to collective and individual growth.”

Beto came back home from a trip to Mexico in 2012, and his Father, who also works at Trimco, told him “You are coming to work with me at 5:30 AM, I got you a job.” Since then, he has become an asset to the company with his product knowledge and operations management experience.

When asked why he has stayed with Trimco for 6 years he says “The biggest reason is the company culture and the evolution of Trimco under our new leadership. We have an outstanding team, remarkable products, and an awesome company culture.”

When asked about some of the biggest challenges he has faced Beto said “The big move from East LA to Oceanside was a challenge because it was compressed into a short time-frame and getting everything up to speed and keeping up with orders was very difficult at the time. It was also an eye-opener to the quality of life, moving from Boyle Heights in East LA to Oceanside in San Diego. Now, I am happy that we are back to business in a great location.”

Beto’s favorite “Live the T” attributes are Embrace Change, and Can-Do Attitude. “I chose Embrace Change because change is everywhere around us and we have to be on our toes. To me, having a Can-Do Attitude means being ready to roll up your sleeves and help, as well as looking for opportunities to convert a NO into a YES!”

These are just a couple of the many culture attributes that Beto represents every day at work. Thank you for all you do Beto, we appreciate all your support and hard work!


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