Meet Jane – Our Key Accounts Manager!

Meet Jane Matusz. Last name sound familiar? You are right! Jane is our COO, Adam Matusz’s wife. When we asked Jane what brought her to Trimco, she jokingly replied, “I was married into this business”. Married into the business or not, Jane plays an integral role in Trimco’s success. She was brought on in January 2015 primarily to get the website and product images updated (she is a talented photographer) as well as doing project-based tasks for each department. One of those departments was customer service; however, a task that was supposed to last 6 months turned into 4 years. No complaints from Jane though, the time spent in customer service prepared her to move into her current position as Key Accounts Manager! Now Jane is in a role that is more customer facing and she gets out and travels as often as she can, which gives Jason and Adam more time to focus on growing the business.

Janes favorite memory of Trimco was the first day in our new building, July 2016. “You could just taste the energy. There was excitement of change and a feeling of moving forward.” Seeing the progression of the building and using power tools to help set everything up to get ready for the new Oceanside crew, was an exciting day.Jane has some mottos to live by and some advice for younger people starting out in the industry:“Every day try and be better than the day before, do your best, and be a good person. Be curious and do not be afraid to ask questions. Above all, do not be afraid to be a door nerd!”

Jane “Lives the T” in many ways but her top 2 favorites are:Embrace Change – because it’s inevitable, you got to roll with change, or you’ll get left behind.Have fun while doing serious business – you have to learn how to shut work off and have some fun! And also bring a little fun into your every day!

A fun fact about Jane, she never (ok, rarely) wears matching socks.


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