Q: How can I get a quote or place an order for this product?
A: We can provide you with a local distributor partner that is an authorized distributor.

Q: Does the hardware look like copper?
A: There are many different alloys available. Our main copper nickel alloy (Trimco finish code 710CU) has the appearance of stainless steel. Other alloys can be specially formulated and listed but additional charges would apply.

Q: Does Healthy Hardware look like a penny?
A: No, it looks closer to stainless steel than a penny.

Q: Will Healthy Hardware turn green?
A: No, because of the Nickel content of the substrate.

Q: How do I clean my copper hardware?
A: The Copper Alloy surface material has been shown to keep the world a healthier place, with regular cleaning with OTC products. Check out our Cleaning Infographic for our cleaning recommendations.

Healthy Hardware Cleaning Information

Q: What is your manufacturing capacity?
A: Capacity is dependent on product type and demand.

Q: What health claims can be made by using these products?
A: Healthy hardware is made with Copper Alloy, you may do your own independent research into “Copper Alloys”.